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X Series
Product Number: X Series

Brand: Vista

Pixel pitch:6.25mm P5.68mm P4.81mm

Environment: Indoor rental led screen

Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B SMD3528

Cabinet size:500x1000x65mm/ 500x500x65mm

Brightness: 1500nits

 Stage Background

The brightness is 1500nits. Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor stage background fixed installation. ‘U’ connectors or 40x40mm Square Steel structure is used to fix the cabinets.

Used as dancing floor

The acrylic glass can put on the screen surface directly. It is transparent and hard. Transmittance is above 92%. And it can stand 6 people’s weight in each sqm.

As curved screen or circle

The angle can be freely adjusted between -15 to +15 degree.


Available as ceiling screen

The screen can be hanged. Used as stage background screen, ceiling screen and light. Each cabinet is only 8.5KG, easy for installation.

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