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What’s LED advantages?
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Here we show you the advantages of LED display, but you know it’s not limited to this, LED display is being used in many ways and it’s the wave of the future.


1. High brightness makes LED Display possible to be used under sunshine;

2. Customized bigger size allows watching from longer distance;

3. Wider viewing angle with flexible shape achievable like curved, etc meet various installation requirements.

4. Lighting effects and video broadcasting both, more functions provided.

5. Dynamic colorful multi-media show, provide more information and better effect than the fixed static banners.

6. Support various input sources, either online or offline operation.

7. Automatic temperature control, brightness adjustment;

8. LED Lamp is a green lighting source with light weight and low power, no heat or radiation; it can be recycled and reused. By the computer calculating, the 3 primary colors Blue, Green, and Red will show 16777216 colors by any combination, the different color mixes give audiences a wonderful dynamic effects.

9. More…

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