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FAQ and Solutions for common problems from customs
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1) Questions:All LEDs blink.

Answer:poor contact ;

Solution:Firmed or plug again in the unfixed point;

2) Questions:LED weak;

Answers: 1、Opposition polarity of LED

2、Longer pins of LED;

3、Switch power is different from the voltage marks of LED;


1、Ensuring right connection of positive pole and negative pole;

2、Decreasing the connection of LED;

3、Making sure switch power as same as the voltage marks of LED.

3) QuestionSome LEDs are black;

Answers 1、Check whether connection direction is right;

2、Check whether power supply output cable is corrector;

3、Check whether plug way of power supply is opposite.

Solutions: 1、Plug it in the correct direction;

2、Make sure the red line with the positive pole, black line with the negative pole;

3、Finding some part opposition line and connect them again.;

4) Question:All LEDs are off.;

Answers1、No power output from the power supply;

2、The power supply cable output is right or not;

 Solutions:  1、Assembling power plugged it into switch power input port;

    2、Check the pole of power supply is right.

5) Question:Green LED in sending card doesn’t not glitter;

AnswersDVI cable is not plugged tightly

Solutions: Plug the DVI cable tightly.

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