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Large LED screen system components and features
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Big led display screen has been applied to all aspects of society, becoming an integral part of outdoor billboards systems, transportation systems, banking systems, large screen display system for the LED display industry people have been very understanding, but for just entering or people engaged in non-related industries in terms of its structure and components is very strange, the following is a brief introduction of the composition and characteristics of the system according to the understanding of the individual and the introduction of online summed up led electronic screen display:


Large led display screen system components


, Led large screen display part of the body of the screen of the system:

The screen body part is we saw led the big screen to see the most intuitive part, the general was a square, led display screen body mainly consists of the following components:


1, led cabinet: led inside the box contains a power supply, module the control receiving portion, mainly from the fixed protective effect, fixing means that all the components must be fixed inside the box body to facilitate the entire screen stitching, box iron box, can effectively protect the internal components, play a good protective effect;

Led module / unit board: outdoor LED screen light-emitting components called modules or module, commonly known as indoor unit board, is generally square shape, led module mainly consists of four parts:

A, led lights,

b, led drive section,

c. led kit,

d. led glue.

Led power supply: general led display drive voltage of 5V, commonly used AC 220V, so it is commonly used power supply is 220V turn 5V the main 5V30A, 5V40A, 5V60A.


Large led screen display control system part of the system

led display screen control system according to Screen Size and play different requirements and different, you can refer to reference electronic led screen system of classification, according to

1, the control card: mainly divided into sending card, receiving card, adapter cards, choose a different control card led the big screen specifications, size, interface definition;

2, the control software: is divided into synchronization software, asynchronous software, asynchronous software responsible for sending send does not participate in the screen display control;

3, the control host: computer, asynchronous system led electronic screen on the computer requirements are not very high, but full-color system requirements must be configured with a separate graphics card.


, electronic led screen display system external equipment part


1, the monitoring system: a variety of sensors and monitoring software;

2, led screen protection system: the main cooling system, lightning protection system;

3, sound system: including amplifiers and speakers;

4 video input device: DVD / VCD, VCR, closed-circuit television;

5, graphic input devices: such as scanners, digital cameras and so on.


The above large led screen display system according to the specifications of the screen, size, using the occasion of different factors such as its selection box, control system, external devices, not the same.

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