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Large led display screen system features
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1, using the most advanced 14bit-level grayscale control technology, completely solve the full-color led screen in the low gray-scale display mosaic phenomenon, so that the image displayed natural transition, delicate colors, bright, true to the full realization of the video source.


2, contrast ratio of 1000:1, so that the image displayed structured to overcome the impact of full-color led display outside brightness change.


3, display color can reach 4.398 trillion kinds, to fully meet the input requirements of a variety of advanced video source to display a perfect bright colors.


4, using the virtual pixel display technology, in the case of display of the same size than ordinary LED display sharpness is increased by 4 times, the LED display screen can display unmatched Narrow image.


5, the use of driver board-level grayscale control technology, the non-linear correction function is integrated into the drive board chip the 14bit-level gamma correction technology, greatly improving data transfer rate, while improving the stability of the system, to the non-linear correction The drive LED tube, LED display the nonlinear needs to adapt to the human eye, thus showing the vivid video screen, the image is more stable.


6 gigabit single-cable transmission technology and board-level gray-scale processing technology, greatly improve the data transfer rate, eliminate the flickering of the LED display screen, eliminating the human eye fatigue as possible to meet the digital equipment shooting needs.


, Constant current drive circuit, to ensure the stability of the LED light tube, reliable, while extending the life of the LED light tube, but also to ensure the consistency of the LED brightness.


8, the brightness of the LED display full-screen and each unit module software site individually adjust the contrast, has a memory function, to ensure the consistency of the entire display screen brightness.


9, point-by-point brightness control technology, to ensure the uniformity of the LED display full-screen display after several years of operation, the brightness of the LED light tube with varying degrees of attenuation, point-by-point brightness adjustment technology only takes two hours to allow the display the uniform state back to the factory.


10, system redundancy technology, the system scan controller two-way data transmission, a scan controller damage or level connection failure does not affect the entire screen display properly.


11, using the cascading error and data backhaul technology, client or remote to visually monitor the entire LED display screen systems and local control unit connection status, in order to reduce the maintenance costs of the equipment and troubleshooting cycle.


12, It use industrial-grade switching power supply, and load shedding 20%. The use of advanced power management technology, over current, over voltage, overheating, short circuit protection make the entire screen low heat, long-term and stable operation.

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