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How to classify LED display
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LED display screen Classified according to the application site


Depending on the application of different places, can be divided into indoor and outdoor LED display two.


Indoor LED Display screen


Mainly used for indoor, in the production process is to first make Dot Matrix LED grain (or digital), then by splicing modules for a certain size unit board, according to user requirements, to show the board as the basic unit cell splicing as the size of user needs. According to pixel size, indoor screen is divided into φ3, φ3.75, φ5, φ8, φ10 and so on.


Outdoor LED Display screen


Mainly used for outdoor, in the production process begins with the light-emitting die package into a single light-emitting diodes, known as single-lamp or LED lamp beads, said, making room for the external screen of LED lights are generally used with a condenser beads role reflector to increase the brightness; only by the multi-LED lamp encapsulated in a single tube or single-pixel pixel modules, or pixel by pixel control mode matrix composed of the display unit cabinet, according to user needs and display the application site to a display unit cabinet as the basic unit composed of the required size. Box should be sealed in the design, in order to achieve the purpose of water fog, to adapt the outdoor environment. According to the density of pixels, pixel density external screen room is divided into 10000 points P10 / m, P12-point pixel density 6944 / m, P16-point pixel density 3906 / m, P20 pixel density 2500 / m and other specifications.


Classification according to color


Used according to the color of the LED lamp beads can be divided into single-color LED display, dual-color, full-color three.




Each pixel only one color, the majority red, because red light more efficient, higher brightness can also be green, it can be blending, that is part of the red, some green, some yellow .




Each pixel has red, green and two kinds of color, you can stack a yellow, gray in there under the control of, through red, green and gray of different changes, can be combined up to 65,535 kinds of gray color.




Also known as the three primary colors, each pixel has red, green and blue color, gray scale control in a case of red, green and blue through the different changes in gray, you can restore the natural color well, a combination of 16,777 , 216 colors.


According to functional classification


Features and functionality of the screen can be divided into the bar LED display screen, graphics screen, Screen and Digital hybrid screen four.


Series of screen


Type of display used to display text, available remote control input, computer on-line can also be used to send messages via computer. You can work offline. Because many of these screens made of strip, so called of the screen.


Graphic screen series


Such LED display is mainly used for display text and graphics, usually no gray-scale control. It is through communication with the computer input. Compared with the bar screen, graphic display screen has the advantage of extensive font font, and display graphics, compared with Screen, graphic screen of the biggest advantages is a computer can control multiple screens, and can be off-line display.


Series hybrid LED screen


Screen is the cheapest digital LED display, wide display for the Stock Exchange stock quotes, bank exchange rates, interest rates show a variety of price lists and so on. In most cases, installation of the digital screen to display the Welcome screen, notice, advertisement, etc. Support for remote control input.


LED Screen Series


Type of LED display screen pixel monitor and control computer was one to one pixel mapping, a 256-level grayscale control, so its expression is extremely rich, multimedia card configuration, and the screen can also play video. Open Screen is good, there is no restriction on the operating system, software, and no limit to reflect real-time computer monitor's display.

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