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Product Number: CP25

Brand: Vista

Pixel pitch25mm

EnvironmentOutdoor Fixed installation

Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B DIP346

Cabinet size: 500x1000x67mm

Brightness: 6000nits


Light weight and slim

·Aluminum cabinet, only 7.5kg per cabinet, it can save support structure cost.

· Replace traditional billboards directly, cut down operation cost directly.

· This has greatly reduced the load requirement for buildings and steel structures.Compared with the 50kg/for traditional cabinets, P25 is 70% lighter and only weighs about 15kg/.

· The cabinet thickness is only 67 mm, and its thinnest part is only 32 mm. It is 50% thinner than the traditional cabinet, cutting down transportation cost, saving storage and installation space, it is more adaptable to the building structure. It also helps to cut cost on the design, assembly and disassembly of steel frames, labor, transportation and waste disposal.


·The wind through design can realize cross-ventilation, and the screen is able to dissipate heat automatically. There is no need for air-conditioning, thereby saving money on electricity bills and allowing a noise-free operation.

· Calculated according to 1,000 m2 display, it can save $8464 from air-conditioner installation and operation fees in the first year, compared to the traditional P25 display.

· Light-tight design enhances the contrast grade and increases the impact of the high resolution pictures, which in turn will generate more advertising revenue for the clients.

High IP Rating

· With high IP rating of IP67/IP67 ensures effective waterproofing and dust-proofing, it is specially designed for a genuine outdoor installation.

· Free of extra waterproof or dust-proof facilities, simplifying installation and reducing cost.

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