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LED display industry how to break the current market difficulties
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LED display industry how to break the current market difficulties


In recent years, the performance of the technological innovation capability of China's LED display screen industry, the overall level of innovation is relatively low. Mainly in new products with high technological content, lack of core products lead the market development, "cloning" technology and products is widespread, the industry in promoting technological progress and enhance the overall level of development of industry play an active role in the lack of leading enterprises, serious shortage of investment in research and development.


The formation of the core competitiveness of China's LED display enterprises and the construction of a long way to go.


To truly improve the LED screen industry in China's competitiveness in the global industrial needs efforts and improvements in the following aspects:


1, step up publicity to increase their influence, improve its image, improve social awareness;

2, to enhance the level of technological processes, create new meaning in China;

3, to foster the formation of representative enterprises with strong comprehensive strength and size.


LED display screen industry in China is relatively advanced level of technology, major products and key technologies in the same industry with international advanced level consistent, but the backward technology level, product standardization, the whole system design, reliability, manufacturing processes, detection test means of foreign obvious difference. And the LED display industry development pattern in the market environment is changing with major changes.

Implementation and promotion With the LED standard of publicity, LED display to improve the standardization of product development will be faster. Conventional LED screen products, standardized display devices and control systems will be more widely used, the integration of LED display products will account for a major position in the industry, standardization LED display production and market technical services specialization more obvious. In the field of professional applications, LED display products to meet the needs of professional applications, the level of specialization will continue to enhance, combined with the application requirements of specialized products will expand to form the LED display of new products and new application areas, such as city lighting engineering The area LED display, stadium LED display, LED display of the transport sector.


With the development of technology and market, China's LED display industry will gradually increase in the adjustment and reasonable division of labor, the formation of new industrial pattern. Leading enterprises in the whole industry chain, LED device production and production backbone enterprises formed, will redefine the upstream and downstream industry division of labor, specialization and collaboration highlights. Perhaps in the early stages of development of semiconductor lighting industry, LED device manufacturers and display products manufacturers definition of specialization and collaboration rather vague, but with the expansion of the market and the maturity of the technology products, this definition will become increasingly clear.

Accompanied by the LED industry promotion and development (especially LED lighting industry), LED display industry's prospects will also be getting better and better, and their use will be more and more widely. LED display screen enterprises to seize the opportunity, to be followed up on a timely basis to changes in market demand, adjust its development strategy, and increase innovation.

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