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Saying Shenzhen LED display
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The vast majority of domestic LED display screen manufacturers are concentrated in Shenzhen, the Li Xiang Wise News occupy a small area. Shenzhen LED display technology level in the country is more advanced, the picture of the Beijing Olympic Games and the rings, the 60th anniversary of National Day military parade in Tiananmen Square on the huge led display in Shenzhen to design and manufacturing, Shenzhen LED display screen in the industry has gradually become a synonym for.


The heart of the city is lively streets. The lights flicker, particularly eye-catching outdoor LED display. According to related statistics, Shenzhen has a large outdoor LED display more than 70 pieces, mainly concentrated in five areas in Nanshan, Futian, Luohu, Yantian, Shenzhen North Station, more than 90% of the the wall outdoor LED screen. But the problem has cropped up, many tenants reaction to the brightness of the LED display is too bright disturbing.


In order to solve the problem of large-scale outdoor LED screen set-up process highlights the Municipal Urban Management Bureau announced Futian District, Shenzhen, Luohu District, Nanshan, Yantian District, and North Station outdoor LED display set up special plan "(hereinafter referred to as" planning "), the Settings area of the outdoor LED display, the technical standards to be clearly defined. "Planning" for area greater than 10 square meters of LED screen, outdoor LED advertising screens set planning and technical standards not only clear the position of the display, brightness, area, height and time are defined in detail, disturbing display is taken to reduce the brightness to reduce flicker, shortening the opening hours of rectification. Also first proposed the concept of three settings, prohibits the setting area to control the set area and moderate setting area. Pure residential area, the city ecological park, eco-green, green space protection, government agencies, military organizations, historical and cultural protection units and other areas will be classified as outdoor LED display exclusion zone.


Although the introduction of the relevant planning, but due to the problem of light pollution in the country without the constraints of the laws and regulations for outdoor advertising light pollution problem in the complaint, the relevant departments can only be resolved through the coordination problem.


Relative to the reputation of outdoor LED display, LED display board effect seems much better, but also related to reports led car display. Especially in the dark on the road, the eye-catching logo can play a good role in warning, and reduce traffic accidents. Recently, in Shanghai, the LED display used in the roll call of illegal above, more or less played a certain role.


In recent years, as the representative of Guangdong, Shenzhen led regional industry is rapidly expanding, hidden behind the crisis is gradually revealed. Led display and no national standards, at least 60% are failing According to estimates, China led display quality. led display to become bigger and stronger in order to get out of the international quality issues will be focused on solving the problem.


Led rapid industrial agglomeration, Guangdong, the first in the country to launch the ‘Guangdong LED industry development technology roadmap, bigger and stronger in the future led industry provides a guide to action. According to the forecast of the technology roadmap, outdoor led display, large-size backlight, 3D LED display screen will become Guangdong Province led display market mainstream products.


Although there is a little problem, but in the development of the achievements of Shenzhen LED display is impressive (not only the domestic industry leader, has a pivotal position in the international market). The reason why there is so much in Shenzhen led the big screen shine, thanks to the support of the government of national brand. The future of Shenzhen LED display screen development should pay attention to the quality and technical progress, and make greater contribution to the development of the country led electronic display.

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