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The biggest outdoor full color led display in Qingdao
From:vistaled   Time:2008-08-08 14:25:00   Views:  

In August 2008, Shenzhen VISTA installed two sets of outdoor full color led advertising displays in Qingdao, the one is over 120 square meters located in Airport Road, Chengyang district; the other is total 200 square meters of located in the busy street named East-3 business street.

This is the biggest outdoor full color led display in Qingdao, moreover, it is the first display integrate with the wireless signal transmission technology. It plays the real time Olympic Games, all the playing files with surely 100% safety encrypt technology and protect the invalid in break, automatic power on/off and play for full 24 hours. In this way, it makes come true for the outdoor media Unmanned operation. It is the advanced installation technology and control system in the led display field.

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